Welcome to Talk & Action - an online tool for sharing ideas and developing joint actions to improve education and learning.

Talk & Action is a way to develop great policies and practices that improve things (the 'action' part) through supporting great conversations (the 'talk' part). It has the following features:

  • You can quickly join and log in at any time to be part of a conversation. Each topic has leaders and participants. You can post comments as well as documents, images and videos
  • When a topic has been fully explored, the topic leader is able to create an action plan or policy that summarises the conversation and outlines practical steps for improvement in your school
  • It is free to join and use - and takes only a matter of minutes to get started
  • Your conversations are private and protected by GeoTrust.

Who can take part?

Participants in a conversation may be:

  • School councils and boards
  • Principals and leadership teams
  • Families and parents
  • Teachers
  • Students and SRCs
  • Community members.

Who created it and why?

Talk & Action was created by the Victorian Council of School Organisations (VICCSO) with support from the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Why? School improvement is increasingly 'co-owned' in partnerships of school leaders, educators, parents, students and community members. Talk & Action is another tool to support these partnerships.

More information

Join now - and start a conversation! For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

As easy as 1-2-3

1. Set up your profile

Setting up your profile is easy - add your name or group and what issues interest you or are being discussed in your group.

2. Join or start a topic

Join a topic - and share your experiences, ideas and suggestions. Or start your own topic and invite others to join the conversation.

3. Work towards an action

Is there a good idea? Maybe it's time for an action plan where you agree about what you want to achieve - and how and with whom.