Talk & Action provides another way for all of us to take part in conversations and, through sharing ideas and practical suggestions, contribute to improvements in education and learning.

Why online?

Online conversations can powerfully support face-to-face meetings. They're also a great way to follow-up after a meeting. Online conversations are important because:

  • They can be potentially accessed by a greater number and more diverse mix of participants
  • They can involve people who are unable to meet face-to-face
  • People can have the time to make fuller contributions than they might in face-to-face situations and overcome the anxiety that many may feel in meetings
  • People can reflect further on each other's thoughts and give feedback on ideas and suggestions that may not be fully developed
  • People can share files, links and documents that are not available in a face-to-face chat.

Conversations that make a difference

To lead to the best policies and practices within a school to improve education and learning, conversations can benefit from online support such as Talk & Action. Why? Two reasons:

  • As we can’t always meet face to face, many of our conversations will be online. This solves an old problem. Instead of occasional conversations (such as a school council meeting each month), the conversation can be on-going. This can build trust and broad agreement on actions
  • The more opportunities for diverse mixes of people – teachers, parents, students, etc. - to discuss things, the more likely that we all work together to improve education and learning. It's about how the best actions and policies depend on combining different ideas and insights.

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Secondary school principal

"Talk & Action is a great tool for bringing together teachers, parents and students in conversations for school improvement. It is highly recommended. "