What T&A is all about

An easy way to develop conversations,
share ideas and work together to
improve education and learning.

Why T&A is important

How we all talk and listen to each other -
principals, teachers, parents, students
and others - can make all the difference.

How to get started

Join today. It's free and easy to
do. Your conversations are private
and protected by GeoTrust.


Discuss your children's education
with other parents or work with
teachers on personalised learning.

School councils and boards

Share ideas and insights, continue the
conversation between meetings and
store key documents such as minutes.


Use Talk & Action to build an
on-going conversation around
improvements in learning.

Community members

Use Talk & Action to develop
conversations with schools about
building stronger partnerships.


Use Talk & Action with the
leadership team and to lead
discussions on school council.


Use Talk & Action on your SRC
to share ideas and develop action
plans for school improvement.